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Blocked drains are one of the most common and frustrating issues around. When your drain blocks up it is a critical problem that needs to be resolved now.


Gareth at Green Pipes Plumbing has all the equipment necessary to fix your blocked drains or pipes on board his vehicle! So whether it be a blocked toilet or a block drain from tree roots we are here to help.


EASY AS 1,2,3

Step 1

Using the electric sewer machine we can clear the blockage with ease


Step 2

We use our CCTV camera to inspect your pipes to locate the exact cause and location of your blockage.


Step 3

Provide regular preventative maintenance to minimise chances of future crisis.


Blocked Drains or Pipes ....

Common causes of blocked drains include:
  • Silt

  • Building debris

  • Leaves

  • Tree roots

  • Faulty sewer pipes

  • Children placing foreign objects in the drain

most Common types of drain blockages include:
  • Kitchen Sink - Avoid pouring oil and food fats down the sink.  Pour them into an empty container instead and throw it away in the rubbish.  Even jelly is a no-no!  Then consider the food scraps that swirl away after washing up.  Food scraps will get trapped and create a smelly blockage.

  • Storm Water Drains - susceptible to tree roots, and if blocked will cause flooding in the next down pour!                       

  • Blocked Toilets - objects like toilet fresheners or even children’s toys can block up the pipe.

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